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At-Home Sleep Testing

Man sleeping soundly in bedIn order to start receiving treatment for sleep apnea, a patient must first get a proper diagnosis. The best way to do this is by using what is called a sleep test, in which a patient’s vital signs, brain activity, and various other markers are monitored while they sleep to see if the well-known signs of sleep apnea pop up. Traditionally, this test is performed in a designated sleep lab, where a patient spends the night hooked up to various machines. If this doesn’t sound like the most restful environment to you, trust us, you are far from alone!

This is why our practice is happy to offer a take-home version of a sleep test. For this, you’ll only need to wear a small device around your wrist and finger that is no bigger than a watch to bed one night. It will monitor the markers we mentioned above, and after you return the device to us, a certified sleep doctor will go over your results and be able to formulate a diagnosis. From there, if you do indeed have sleep apnea, we can then discuss your treatment options. If you would like to learn more about at-home sleep testing, or if you are interested in undergoing one, please contact us today.